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Update for March 22, 2020 Services

Posted on Fri, Mar 20, 2020

Greetings to all!

Clearly, this global pandemic has places each of us in unchartered waters as to the choices we make moving forward.  Most decisions we make in life can lean on life experiences we’ve had or those of others we trust.  Not so the case now.

So, for each of us, we pray, we listen, we pray some more … and we make the best decisions we can.  Especially for us as Christians, we do our best to lean into our relationship with the Lord Jesus, to understand how best to walk wisdom’s path.  As church leaders, this is particularly important as we make decisions that impact others.

Last Sunday, I made the decision, based on prayer, counsel and other information I was able to gather, to hold our 10 am service in our building.  We had our regular attendees with a few friends/visitors from churches that had suspended “in person” meetings.  I was comfortable with that decision and remain at peace with it.

But as has been true since this global event began, information and realities update daily.  I have continued to, as I have from the beginning, monitor credible information sources, specifically those local to me (from Suffolk County and the Town of Smithtown) for what our governmental leaders are either requesting or requiring of the public.  I’ve also monitored situations impacting those in our church, and in churches I have known for years, … again, to best understand wisdom’s path forward.

Therefore, I am canceling our meeting at the Church this coming Sunday, March 22, 2020.  As an alternative, I will provide a Facebook Live message (as we do every Sunday) that will begin at 10:30 am on Sunday.  This will require, for those who wish to participate, you to have a Facebook account and to “like” our church’s Facebook page (search for Calvary Church of God of St. James).  I will also have an audio recording of the message on our church’s website soon after the Facebook Live event has concluded.

I’m fully aware that this decision will upset some, please others and cause some to question me.  Regardless, I need to do what I believe is right before our Lord and what I feel is best for the people I shepherd – the amazing people at Calvary Tabernacle Church of God in St. James.  If anyone has any questions, please contact me directly.  I pray everyone stays safe and (perhaps more importantly) remains calm – resting in the peace that our Savior freely gives.

Information about other meetings scheduled for next week will be discussed on Sunday in our Facebook Live event.  Until then, may His mighty hand bless and keep you close.

In His Service,

Pastor Hiram Claudio



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